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land0lakes's News

Posted by land0lakes - September 2nd, 2009

Alright, so...

I have decided to put my music making skills to the test, and I have created a thing called my Legacy. It's the land0lakes Legacy!

Also, I am now going by DJland0, in case anybody cares, and the only songs I have made that are really worth listening to that I have done are probably the ones marked DJland0.

And sorry about the crappy quality with my latest song.. >.> usually my songs have good quality, but for some reason...

-land0lakes (DJland0)

Posted by land0lakes - August 22nd, 2009

There was some confusion, as for some reason when I logged on it said I was logged on as a different user, and when I tried to log out it didn't work. So I changed my browser, and it works now. But back to the point:


It's called Questioning Life, and it's probably one of my best. I mean, it IS my best. Enjoy it!


Posted by land0lakes - August 2nd, 2009

I came home from Michigan... my fish were dead..

It really sucked.

They were awesome fish. (this may sound stupid but its true!!)

So.. later I'm making something as a tribute for them that may end up on Newgrounds.

..yeah. Like maybe a picture or something.

(and in case you care, I made a new song with actual melodies I did on a midi keyboard called Computer Memories. And then I figured more stuff out, and made another song, with my own beats and melodies and it's called Death Drop. Check them both out.)

Posted by land0lakes - July 5th, 2009

I got a new music program. It's called Reason, and now I'm making my own beats and things!! The one problem: It's a demo, so I can't save and it quits after 20 minutes. So I dug around the internet for a free recording program for my computer, and after many tries, I finally got one: Voice Candy. It's friggin' awesome, and I can add all sorts of effects to my voice. So I started recording some simple little songs I made on Reason, and finally, I've started the MiniMix series. YAY!! Now, the recordings aren't perfect, they are not as crystal clear as the other songs I've put up, but they are surprisingly good quality for a recording device that doesn't record sounds going on in your computer. And sorry about the beginning buzzabuzza, it just does that. So have fun with my ORIGINAL songs!! (the first MiniMix song is MiniMix::::The Guitar. It was inspired by some of Moby's songs.) However, another problem was that it wouldn't save as an MP3, so I couldn't put it right on Newgrounds. So I'm currently trying to find a way for people to hear my music. Sorry about the delay!


Posted by land0lakes - June 19th, 2009

it's called ((-_-_-[This Number is Busy]-_-_-))

I want to see how many people get the joke in the title. This is probably my fastest song ever (tempo is 180 ^^) and it's really energetic and crazy. Be prepared to instantly switch through insanity, people! Review it if you want to. I consider it EPIC


Posted by land0lakes - May 28th, 2009

It's probably my best ever. It's called Breathing in Sleeping Stars. Check it out!!

Posted by land0lakes - May 27th, 2009

this next song called Teleported that I'm making is going to be really cool. So keep an eye out for it!

Posted by land0lakes - May 25th, 2009

Hey, guess what? I made another song! It's called *({[+Hall of Mirrors+]})*. Um, yeah. I know, the characters around the title are completely unnecessary, but since someone else already took the title I just threw those on it. Anyways, the song is what happened after I figured out I could make my songs a heck of a lot cooler if I just used some filters and effects. It might seem totally wack to some people, but I am quite proud of it. And that demented-ish tone in it is because of the name: Hall of Mirrors. So, well, go ahead and listen! It's awesome!


(TO THELONELYWOLF: did you get my PM?)

Posted by land0lakes - May 22nd, 2009

I have finally made my third song! It's called Vast Regions.

Posted by land0lakes - May 22nd, 2009

Ok, I think I shall post my next song incredibly soon! Like, almost now!! It is called Vast Regions and it takes two relatively different faces of music and puts them into one song, even though they are in different sections. Yup. That's all