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So, people!

2009-08-22 22:23:11 by land0lakes

There was some confusion, as for some reason when I logged on it said I was logged on as a different user, and when I tried to log out it didn't work. So I changed my browser, and it works now. But back to the point:


It's called Questioning Life, and it's probably one of my best. I mean, it IS my best. Enjoy it!



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2009-08-28 20:33:55

Hey! I actualy had the same problem. The administrators couldn't help so I changed to firefox and it was fine. Who did you keep logging in as? I was 'deleted'...

I'll have to check out your song!

land0lakes responds:

yeah, I know.... I was 'deleted', too.....

But when I tried to comment on anything, it told me to log in. So I figured the person was truly deleted. Did you look at the dude's profile? I did. apparently he likes weed (lol).

Yeah... It's weird...

I switched to Firefox, and it was running really slow so i went back to Safari (I use amac yo) and it was okay, i could log back on. Oh well.....

It's weird.

(also: OMG FUNKYFISTS IS ACTUALLY POSTING ON MY PROFILE <) you are such a god man)