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2009-07-05 14:09:23 by land0lakes

I got a new music program. It's called Reason, and now I'm making my own beats and things!! The one problem: It's a demo, so I can't save and it quits after 20 minutes. So I dug around the internet for a free recording program for my computer, and after many tries, I finally got one: Voice Candy. It's friggin' awesome, and I can add all sorts of effects to my voice. So I started recording some simple little songs I made on Reason, and finally, I've started the MiniMix series. YAY!! Now, the recordings aren't perfect, they are not as crystal clear as the other songs I've put up, but they are surprisingly good quality for a recording device that doesn't record sounds going on in your computer. And sorry about the beginning buzzabuzza, it just does that. So have fun with my ORIGINAL songs!! (the first MiniMix song is MiniMix::::The Guitar. It was inspired by some of Moby's songs.) However, another problem was that it wouldn't save as an MP3, so I couldn't put it right on Newgrounds. So I'm currently trying to find a way for people to hear my music. Sorry about the delay!



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2009-07-05 16:57:57

Good luck with that, man:)

land0lakes responds: